Tending the Fire Series Three 2020-2021

This retreat series is now part of the Together We Thrive initiative, a collaboration of the Southern New England conferences of the United Church of Christ, The New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, that is funded by Lilly Endowment Inc.

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$200 is due as your first payment/deposit. You can pay online or mail a check.  Final payment must be made before the 3rd session. Partial payments (less than the balance due) after the $200 deposit must be made by check and should be mailed to Cindy Bolton, payable to SNEUCC, 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA  01702.  (The online feature will only accept payments for the "balance" due or the initial $200 deposit.) Thank you.


MACUCC Clergy ($600)
CTUCC Clergy ($600)
RIUCC Clergy ($600)
Western Diocese Episcopal ($600)
ELCA Clergy ($600)
I am making up a session from a previous series.
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Session II
Session III
Overnight Lodging at Friendly Crossways-Session I

Linens are included at Friendly Crossways

Tuesday Night (Nov. 10) ($50)
Wednesday Night (Nov. 11) ($50)
Overnight Lodging at Friendly Crossways-Session II

 Linens are provided at Friendly Crossways.

Tuesday Night (Jan. 12) ($50)
Wednesday Night (Jan. 13) ($50)
Overnight Lodging at Silver Lake-Session III

 Linens are not provided at Silver Lake. You should plan on bringing your own sheets, pillow(s), blankets, towels and toiletries.

Tuesday Night (Mar. 9) ($40)
Wednesday Night (Mar. 10) ($40)
Food allergies or vegetarian?

Note: Allergy and/or vegetarian diets can be accommodated but please no "dislikes." Thank you!


Please note that the Southern New England Conference sometimes takes photographs and records video at Conference events for use in Conference publicity materials in print, online and in social media. If you have concerns about appearing in these materials, please contact Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communication, at vailt@sneucc.org, and we will do our best to address them.

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