Creation Care Voter Pledge (for individuals)

By signing this pledge, your name, voting address and email will be shared with the Environmental Voter Project and will only be used for reminders of upcoming elections from them.

Sign the Creation Care Voter Pledge: "I pledge to be a consistent voter, and I will always prioritize caring for God's creation in how I vote."

Thank you for joining voters around the country who want leadership that reflects their deepest values! In caring for God’s interconnected creation, we are putting love into action for every living creature and for every economically or racially marginalized community that suffers from environmental harm.

Why is this pledge important?

1. Those who care about the environment do not vote as often as they should. When you sign this pledge, you're sending a loud message that you're going to start voting your values.
2. We'll send you reminders to help you show up to every election. Studies have shown that these simple, free reminders can help you be a much more consistent voter.
3. Are you already a perfect voter? Please sign the pledge anyway! The more people who pledge to vote, the easier it is to convince others to join you!

Thank you for signing, and thank you for being a Creation Care Voter!

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